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Membrane Switch Keypad
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·Membrane Switch + Touch Screen
·Membrane Switch with backlighting
·PC、PET、TPU Overlay
·OCA Membrane Switch Keypad
·Product Design & Assembly
·Graphic Overlay
5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
Working Principle&Highlight:
 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen has the same structure as 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen:top layer,ITO film and bottom layer ITO film/glass. The bottom layer measures both X and Y coordinates and the top layer applies only voltage. When screen is touched,both conductive layers of the top film and bottom glass make an electrical contact. The controller will get the X and Y coordination by calculating the voltage of the touching point. Since the top layer only plays common sensor,the touch screen will be still working even the top film is damaged or scratched so the 5-Wire touch screen has longer life expectancy than 4-Wire touch screen.  Superior durability and reliability with touch life over 35 million times. Input flexibility –finger (with/without glove), stylus, pen, credit card.

Public Information Systems (post, telecom, tax, airport, bank, library and so on.)
Multimedia、Medical instrument、Industry auto-control system 、Amusement and restaurantAuto-ticket system、Simulation and Training 、Education.
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