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Touch Screen
·4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
·5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
·8-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
·Capacitive Touch Screen
Membrane Switch Keypad
·LGF backlighting patented products
·Duraswitch Patented Technologies
·PET Silver Paste Membrane Swi
·FPC Membrane Switch Keypad
·PCB Membrane Switch Keypad
·Rubber Keypad Membrane Switch
·Membrane Switch + Back Support
·Flex Circuit
·Membrane Switch + Touch Screen
·Membrane Switch with backlighting
·PC、PET、TPU Overlay
·OCA Membrane Switch Keypad
·Product Design & Assembly
·Graphic Overlay
·Maxtech attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair, October 2015 at HongKong [2015-10-21]
·Maxtech attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair,April 2015 at HongKong [2015-04-02]
·Maxtech attended Shenzhen High Technology Summit ,Nov 2014 at Shenzhen [2014-11-02]
·Maxtech has moved to a new factory site smoothly [2014-10-02]
·Maxtech attended Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition,March 2013 at Shanghai [2013-03-02]
·Maxtech Invention Certification - (Patented Membrane Switch with LGF Backlight)i... [2012-09-02]
·Maxtech attended the 110th China Import and Export Fair, October 2011 at Guangzh... [2011-12-23]
·Maxtech attended the 109th China Import and Export Fair, April 2011 at Guangzhou [2011-12-23]
·Maxtech attended the 108th China Import and Export Fair, October 2010 at Guangzh... [2011-12-23]
·Maxtech attends the SuZhou Asia-Pacific Electron Exhibition in China, March, 200... [2008-11-12]
·Maxtech attends the QingDao Electron Exhibition in China, October, 2007. [2008-11-12]
·Maxtech attends the ShenZhen MingRenXing Electron Exhibition in China, June, 200... [2008-11-12]
·Maxtech attends the Munich Electron Exhibition in Germany, November, 2006. [2008-11-12]
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