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·PCB Membrane Switch Keypad
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·Flex Circuit
·Membrane Switch + Touch Screen
·Membrane Switch with backlighting
·PC、PET、TPU Overlay
·OCA Membrane Switch Keypad
·Product Design & Assembly
·Graphic Overlay
Care For Membrane Switch

1. Membrane switch is to be installed in one go, otherwise the following adverse situation will appear:
A. Graphic overlay can be scratched easily causing inferior appearance.
B. Back adhesive can be damaged and the level of adhesion is downgraded.
C. The rebound function of the metal dome can be damaged leading to short circuit
D. For the embossed type, the tactile feel effect can be defeated.
E. Circuit can be broken easily causing malfunction of the product.
2. Care for installing connector:-
A. Do not cause scratches on the tail
B. For tail with small pitch, ensure to align them properly to prevent improper connection or high resistance.
C. For part without housing, installation should be done in one go to prevent damage to the conductive ink on the pins causing bad contact.
D. When handling part with window(s), please take care not to make scratches which will defect the transparency of the window.
E. When handling part with LED’s, infra-red, sensor, anti-static measures should be taken in order to prevent damage to them.

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